Meal Deal
Deal 1 (Veg)
2 x Veg Curries, 1 x Small Rice, Plain Naan
Deal 2 (Non Veg)
2 x Non Veg. Curries, 1 x Small Rice, Plain Naan
Veg Entree
Potli Samosa (4 pcs)
Pastry pockets filled with spiced potatoes, peas and nutritious beetroot served tamarind sauce.
Achari Tawa Paneer (4 pcs)
Homemade cottage cheese marinated overnight with pickled spices and grilled to perfection.
Makki Pakora (3 pcs)
Scallions of mashed potatoes and corn fritters, refreshed with Dill, fried to perfection.
Seafood Entree
Tala Jhinga (4 pcs)
Prawns marinated with fresh garlic and crushed black pepper marinade and served with capsicum tulle.
Methi Fish Tikka (4 pcs)
Market Fish marinated with fenugreek, mustard oil and crushed garlic and cooked in the oven.
Non-Veg Entree
Murg Basil Tikka (4 pcs)
Morsels of chicken, marinated with basil-based marinade, cooked in the oven to perfection.
Tandoori kukad (Half)
Chicken on bone, marinated with kaffir lime and hung yoghurt and cooked on slow fire in clay the oven.
Tandoori kukad (Full)
Chicken on bone, marinated with kaffir lime and hung yoghurt and cooked on slow fire in clay the oven.
Lamb Cutlets Adrahki (4 pcs)
Aussie lamb cutlets marinated with crushed ginger and paprika marinade, cooked in the oven.
Lamb Seek kebab (4 pcs)
Spiced lamb mince marinated with fresh garlic and mint, wrapped around the rods and cooked in the oven.
Mix Platter
Veg mix platters for two (2 pcs each)
2 pieces each of Potli Samosa, Makki Pakora and Achari Tawa Paneer
Tandoori mix platter for two (2 pcs each)
2 pieces each of Tala Jhinga, Murg Basil Tikka and Lamb Seek Kebab.
Veg Mains
Dal Makhani
All-time favourite dish, black lentils soaked overnight, cooked on slow fire with spices to give it a smooth texture.
Apricot Kofta
Dumplings of potatoes and cheese stuffed with morsels of apricots, cooked in cardamom flavoured gravy.
Palak Paneer
A must treat for all occasions, fresh spinach and cottage cheese sautéed with cumin seeds and garlic cooked with tomatoes.
Do Piazza Bhindi
Garden fresh okra, sautéed with generous amount of sliced onions and finished with chat masala.
Dal Tardka
Yellow lentils cooked with refreshing touch of sun dried red chillies, fresh garlic and cumin.
Achari Gobhi Baigan
A perfect combination of cauliflower and egg plant with the pickle flavours from Bengal.
Aloo Vadiya
A rare seen dish, lentils dumpling s cooked with all-time favourite potatoes in rich gravy of tomatoes and onions.
Navratan Korma (Mild)
Selection of seasonal veges tossed with nuts in a creamy and aromatic onion gravy sauce.
Seafood Mains
Goan Fish Curry
A traditional fish curry from the plateaus of Goa. Market Fish sautéed with mustard seed, curry leaves and Balsamic vinegar, finished in coconut cream.
Fish Subj Masala
Fish cooked with balanced combination of seasonal vegies in rich gravy of tomatoes and onions.
Prawn Garlic Masala
Prawns sautéed with garlic granules and cracked black pepper finished in rich gravy of tomatoes and onions.
Prawn Coconut Malai
Prawns cooked mustard seeds and curry leaves in smooth puree of coconut cream.
Chicken Mains
Butter Chicken
A well-known dish from Indian subcontinent roasted chicken cooked with nuts, honey and fenugreek.
Chicken Tikka Sharabi
Roasted chicken flambé with Coruba Jamaican rum with touch of fenugreek.
Mopala Murg
Chicken curry cooked with chef’s own special spices with fiery chillies and curry leaves.
Murg Dhaniwal Korma
A Chicken dish featuring nuts and aromatic spices with a touch of cream and roasted fennel seeds.
Murg Haryali
Morsels of chicken cooked in cumin flavoured spinach sauce with a touch of cream.
Lamb Mains
Josh - E -Rogan
Speciality of the house, baby lamb cooked with Kashmiri chillies and paprika in a rich gravy of tomatoes and onions.
Lamb Bhuna
A semi dried dish of lamb sautéed with capsicum and onions finished with rich gravy of tomatoes and onions.
Lamb Chutney
A treat for sweating hot curry lovers. Lamb cooked with heat of fresh green chillies and mint.
Lamb Saffron Elichy korma
A mild and rich dish of lamb flavoured with cardamoms and saffron.
Lamb Saag
Baby lamb cooked in smooth puree of spinach with a touch of cream.
Goat Nehari
Goat slowly cooked in aromatic spices finished with chic pea flour and saffron.
Saffron Rice (Regular)
Saffron flavoured rice.
Kashmiri rice
Aromatic sweet rice with sultana, nuts and coconut.
Lemon rice
Basmati rice tossed with curry leaves and crackled Bengal Gram broiled coconut, lemon and tamarind.
Chicken Biryani
One word says it all dish. Aromatic rice with flavours of Chicken, cardamoms and mint, served with raita.
Goat Biryani
A delicious one dish wonder. Rice cooked with Goat with Aroma of cardamoms, served with raita.
Saffron Rice (Large)
Saffron flavoured rice
Freshly Baked Selection
Whole meal flour bread.
Plain Naan
Delicious leavened bread from plain flour.
Garlic Naan
Bread cooked with roasted garlic and coriander.
Cheese Naan
Every body’s favourite naan with shredded cheese.
Cheese & Garlic Naan
Stuffed cheese naan with roasted garlic.
Chilly cheese & Garlic Naan
Naan with trio of chilly, cheese and garlic.
Butter Naan
Multilayered bread with drizzled butter on the top.
Peshwari Naan
Sweet bread with cherries, nuts and coconuts.
Mix Herb Naan
Double layered Bread with Oregano, Carrom seeds and cumin.
Keema Naan
Bread with gently spiced minced lamb.
Lachha Paratha
Whole meal multilayered bread.
Kid's Menu
Butter chicken, cheese naan, rice and chips.
Grated cucumber in yoghurt.
Mint yoghurt
Mint flavoured yoghurt.
Tomato / Onion
Finely chopped tomato and onions with coriander.
Mango chutney
Diced mango chunks marinated with spices.
Mix Pickle
Raita, tomatoes/onions, mango chutney, and mix pickle.
Gulab jamun
Dumplings of flour dipped in sweet aromatic syrup.
Cheesy balls dipped in sweet syrup of chilled creamy milk.
Pista kulfi
Homemade kulfi stuffed with pistachios.
Shahi treat
Pieces of fried bread dipped in reduced milky.
Soft Drink (Can)
Mineral Water
Soda Water
Soft Drink (1.25L)
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