Veg Pakora
Deep fried dumpling of potatoes, onion & spinach in chickpea flour batter with fresh herbs
Onion Bhaji
Mildly spiced sliced onion rings dipped in chickpea flour
Aloo Bonda
Blend of lightly spiced mash potato patties dipped in chickpea batter and shallow fried
Veg Samosa
Savoury pastry triangles filled with potatoes and green peas
Samosa Chat
A mix of potatoes, green peas with tamarind & mint chutney and a touch of yoghurt
Tandoori Entree
Tandoori Mushroom
Marinated juicy mushrooms cooked in the tandoor
Chicken Tikka
Boneless chicken marinated in yoghurt, herbs and light species, cooked in the tandoor
Tandoori Chicken
Tender chicken marinated with yoghurt, herbs and spices
Mix Platter Combination
Samosa, Pakora and Onion Bhaji
Tandoori Prawns (4PCS)
A king prawn marinates in herbs and species and cooked in the tandoor
Butter Chicken
Tandoori chicken pieces cooked in creamy tomato sauce with fresh herbs and butter
Mango Chicken
Boneless chicken cooked in delicious mango gravy
Chicken Tikka Masala
Boneless chicken tikka cooked in tandoor with onion, tomato, cream and butter
Chicken Korma
Cooked in puree of cashew nuts & finished with cream
Chicken Jalfrezi
Boneless chicken cooked in a tomato based gravy with onions & capsicum and a bit touch of lemon juice
Chicken Madras
Tender chicken pieces cooked with coconut cream, curry leaves, mustard seed and species
Chicken Saagwala
Chicken pieces cooked in creamy mild sauce with spinach, finished with fresh herbs
Lamb Rogan Josh
Diced lamb cooked with Kashmiri spices
Lamb Korma
Lamb pieces cooked in creamy sauce with cashew nuts and spices
Lamb Madras
Tender lamb pieces cooked with coconut cream, curry leaves, mustard seed and spices
Lamb Vindaloo
Tender pieces of lamb cooked in a hot and spicy sauce
Lamb Saagwala
Lamb pieces cooked in creamy sauce with spinach and finished with fresh herbs
Goat Dishes
Goat Curry (Chef Special)
Authentic goat curry with bone cooked in masala sauce and spices
Beef Dishes
Beef Madras
Tender beef pieces cooked with coconut cream, curry leaves, mustard seed and species
Beef Korma
Beef pieces cooked in creamy sauce with cashew nuts and spices
Beef Hara Masala
Tender pieces of beef, fresh coriander, mint and spinach combined in a thick curry
Beef Vindaloo
Tender pieces of beef cooked in a vindaloo curry
Vegetarian Dishes
Paneer Butter Masala
Cubes of cottage cheese cooked with onion and tomato masala finished with cream
Palak Paneer
Cubes of cottage cheese cooked in spinach puree finished with cream
Kadayi Paneer
Cottage cheese combined with capsicum, tomatoes, sprinkled with freshly ground spices
Matar Paneer
Cottage cheese cubes and green peas in tomato gravy.
Paneer Makhani
Cottage cheese cubes in a light cashew and tomato sauce finished with cream
Paramparaa Special (Daal Makhani)
Slow cooked black lentils and red kidney beans enriched with cream
Daal Tadka (Yellow Lentils)
Lentil cooked with onion, garlic, ginger, cumin seeds and tomatoes
Veg Jalfrezi
Seasonal vegetables cooked in an authentic Indian style
Veg Korma
Fresh vegetables cooked in a puree of cashews finished with cream
Malai Kofta
Potatoes, cottage cheese and nut dumpling (kofta) cooked in a rich tomato, cashew and cream-based sauce
Aloo Gobi
Potatoes and cauliflower with onion and tomatoes spiced with kadhai (wok) of masala
Achari Baigan (Eggplant)
Spicy eggplant cooked in special pickles (achari) spices
Seafood Dishes
Fish Masala
Fish cooked with capsicum, tomatoes in freshly ground spices
Fish Meen Mollie
Australian fish cooked in coconut cream, onion, curry leaves, mustard seeds with Indian spices
Prawn Jalfrezi
Fresh prawns cooked with capsicum in onion tomato gravy
Prawn Vindaloo
The famous based curry, cooked medium or hot
Malabari Prawns
Australian king prawns cooked in a tomato and onion sauce, enhanced with mustard seeds, curry leaves, coconut milk and a touch of cashew nuts
(Chawal) Rice
Plain Rice (Basmati Rice)
Saffron Rice
Rice tempered with cumin seeds and strands of saffron
Jeera Rice
Rice with cumin seeds
Matar Rice
Rice with peas
Coconut Rice
Basmati rice cooked in coconut cream with sugar
Veg/Non-Veg Biryani
Veg Biryani
Vegetables combined with saffron rice and fragrant herbs and spices (served with raita)
Lamb/Chicken Biryani
Saffron rice cooked with herbs and spices (served with raita)
Indian Breads
Tandoori Roti
Wholemeal flat bread baked in tandoor
Plain Naan
Flatbread made with flour
Lacha Parantha
Layered flaky bread baked in a tandoor
Garlic Naan
Flatbread made with flour with garlic topping
Aloo Paratha
Wholemeal bread stuffed with spicy potato
Cheese Naan
Naan bread filled with cheese
Kashmiri Naan
Naan bread filled with nuts
Lemon Pickle/ Mango Pickle
Papadums (4 pcs) with mint chutney
Sweet Mango Chutney
Cucumber Raita
Yoghurt with cucumber and spices
Kachumber (Salad)
Freshly chopped cucumber, tomato and onion
Desserts (A Sweet Treat to Finish)
Coke/Diet Coke/Zero Coke/Solo
Drinks Lassi (Mango/Salty)
Gulab Jamun
Dumplings made from milk served in cardamom flavoured syrup with Ice Cream
Pistachio Kulfi
Ice cream with pistachio nuts
Mango Kulfi
Mango-flavoured traditional Indian frozen dessert
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