Chia Pudding (Vegan)
Coconut, matcha and yuzu chia pudding with mango puree, passion fruit, melon balls and lemon balm (V)
Granola (Vegan) (Gluten free)
House made nuts and seeds gluten free granola with roasted banana coyo and stone fruit
French Toast
Brulee french toast with mango, macadamia nut praline, fresh strawberries, vanilla anglaise and lemon balm
Shakshuka (Vegan option) (Gluten free option)
Shakshuka with chorizo, capsicum, zuccini, hazelnuts, dukkah, black olives, feta, poached eggs and pita bread (VO) (GFO)
Chargrilled Eggplant (Vegan Option)
Chargrilled Eggplant with grain salad, pomegranate seeds, preserved lemon, candied walnuts, pumpkin hummus, feta, dukkah and poached egg
Chicken Pasta
Garlic marinated chicken, cauliflower, mushroom, parmesan cheese, mixed herbs
Stuck on Duck
Confit duck pasta with shiitake mushroom, green peas, fresh chili and feta
Pork Burger
Twice cooked ham hock with house made chili jam, piccalilli, rocket and cheddar cheese with chips
Chicken Burger
Butter milk crumbed fried chicken breast on guacamole, fresh tomato salsa and relish
Beef Burger
Wagyu beef burger, garlic aioli, onion jam, pickled cucumber, tomato and cheese with chips
Veggie Buger
Grilled Halloumi brocolli and chili fritter burger with kasundi relish, chopped kale, pickled chili with chips
WRAP n Roll
Tandoori wrap
Tandoori chicken wrap with cucumber and mint raita, pickled onion, fresh green chili, apple relish and fresh corriander
Harissa pumpkin wrap
Harrisa marinated butter nut pumpkin wrap with pesto, feta, rocket, pinenuts and kasundi relish
Tuna Melt Sandwich
Tuna melt, swiss cheese, red onion, pickled cucumber and eggs
Halloumi Sandwich
Grilled halloumi, hummus, baby spinach and kasundi relish
Tofu Salad (Vegan)
Soba noodle salad, sesame crumbed tofu, asian herbs, broccolini, pickled carrots and toasted peanuts with ginger miso dressing
Chicken Salad
Katsu marinated chicken with spiced cauliflower, peanuts, broccolini, radish and black vinegar dressing
Rin-tin-tin Pumpkin (Pumpkin salad)
Roasted butternut pumpkin, mixed quinoa, sherry braised onion, goats’ cheese with pomegranate molasses dressing
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